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Proposed Boating Events for 2024

Raft-up and Cruise Details

The Port Jeff cruise has been re-scheduled for Saturday, July 13th.

I encourage you, please, to let me know if you are planning to go on any of these trips, especially the cruises to Port Washington, Captain's Cove, Huntington Lighthouse, and Port Jeff. Boats are boats, we all understand that statement; if you are thinking of going to any of these cruises, let me know. If you don't have a boat but want to go, let me know; we'll try to find a boat for you!

July 20 and August 17 are raft-ups in Greenwich Cove, with our friends in the Greenwich Squadron. They start at noon and run “all afternoon,” so you may arrive and depart as you please.

Port Jefferson July 13th, there is the town marina, the Port Jefferson Yacht Club, and Danford’s marina for places to tie up. Moorings are also available. Within easy walking distance is the quaint, historic village of Port Jefferson with its array of shops and eateries. Entering the harbor on either side are well protected an-chorage areas, the portside sand dunes being a favorite.

Port Washington July 27th (following Boat/Camp) will be a “Dine & Dock” day, hopefully at “Louie’s!!”

August 25th, Captain’s Cove, Bridgeport. It’s like an amusement park on the waterfront! Dock, dine, let the kids have some fun on the rides and games available!

August 31, the Huntington Lighthouse Musicfest, live music begins at 11:00 AM and lasts until 10:00 PM. This event is a large anchorage or raft-up with bands! Lots of them!

As events get closer, a suggested “float plan” and more details will be sent to those expressing interest in the journeys. Let's have some fun together on the water!

Questions? Please email Fred Elliott (elliottfc.07 AT

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